Walk and Talk

There is much research supporting the psychological and physical benefits of being outside. 

As well as indoor sessions, I also offer 'walk and talk' counselling sessions outdoors, for times when you would prefer this environment to sitting in a room together. Aside from being outdoors in the fresh air and surrounded by nature and views, there’s something about walking alongside someone and the movement of walking which can help work through certain feelings.

The ‘walk and talk’ sessions are held in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside around the North Nibley area. We have a variety of paths available to us – flat or hilly, footpaths or country lanes – the choice is yours! And if sometimes you don’t feel like walking (or the weather is unsuitable), we can easily hold our session in my therapy room instead.

If ‘walk and talk’ sessions appeal to you, we’ll hold our first session indoors, and then progress to walking outdoors for some or all subsequent sessions.